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1.Mel Fabrikant Annual Mini-Golf Scholarship Fund
September 12, 2020 Rain Date September 19, 2020 Time: 10AM to 2PM Adults - $10 Children - $5 Children under the age of six [media:20200831152131264 width:500 height:0 border:1 align:auto src:disp link:1 alt:0]
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2.2nd Annual Talent Show
Pease join us for the 2nd Annual Paramus Sunrise Rotary Holiday Talent Show. [media:20191117063348674 width:500 height:0 border:1 align:auto src:disp link:1 alt:0]
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3.Golf Outing Fundraiser
[media:20190411054310961 width:500 height:0 border:1 align:auto src:disp link:1 alt:0]
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4.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Mini Golf Outing
[media:2017090510354077 width:500 height:0 border:1 align:auto src:disp link:1 alt:0]
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5.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Provides Viands At The Bergen County Homeless Shelter
The ever energetic Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club applied for and delivered sandwiches, fruit and snacks for the guests of the Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Services Center. Going by the specs furnished, they provided roast beef, ham and chicken sandwiches on hoagie bread which contained lettuce and tomato as ...
by Sophie on 05/16 06:09PM - Story - 3,498 Hits
6.Myanmar Flood Relief Fundraiser
Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club invites you to a Myanmar Flood Relief Fundraiser & Food Festival, Saturday, September 26, 2015, 1-5 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 650 Pascack Road, Paramus, NJ 07652. Over one million people have been affected by the recent flood in Myanmar. Proceeds will go to help these ...
by Sophie on 09/08 06:06PM - Story - 4,116 Hits
7.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Inducts Two Members Into The Paul Harris Recognition Foundation
On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 two members of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club were given a Xmas present: induction into the Paul Harris Foundation , one as a new member and the other as a Multiple Member. Secretary Tina Apprich was brought in as a new member while Immediate Past ...
by Sophie on 12/28 02:27AM - Story - 5,583 Hits
8.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Gift of Life child
Paramus Sunrise Rotary Gift of Life child
by Sophie on 11/11 01:50PM - Story - 5,570 Hits
9. Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Hears BCC President Dr. B. Kaye Walter
By Mel Fabrikant Continuing its selection of top notch speakers, Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club heard about Bergen Community College from its President, Dr. B. Kaye Walter. Dr. Walter took the helm of the college during a time of unrest politically and within. By developing programs to fit the needs of ...
by Sophie on 09/25 06:20PM - Story - 6,985 Hits
10.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Celebrates Their 6th Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser In Style
Paramus Sunrise Rotary celebrated their 6th Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser on Thursday, June 19, 2014. at The Fiesta in Wood-Ridge. The attendees enjoyed it so much that they clamored for their participation in the next year's festivities. A sit down dinner plus dynamite models plus an abundant and utile Tricky ...
by Sophie on 06/21 12:58AM - Story - 4,705 Hits
11.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Has A Distinguished Speaker
by Mel Fabrikant The Reverend Doctor Samuel M. Stone spoke to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club about a water purification program called H2Open Doors. Reverend Stone, a member of the Paramus Rotary Club and pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, recently visited a pure water fundraising event in Redwood City, California. ...
by Sophie on 12/08 02:23AM - Story - 4,256 Hits
12.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Holds A Breakfast Meeting
By Mel Fabrikant Always on the alert to keep the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club vibrant, President Sophie Stone prescribed a meeting day for a breakfast. While coffee is always available, courtesy of Doctors Express, very few attendees at this 8 AM meeting have something to go with the drink. This ...
by Sophie on 12/02 01:15PM - Story - 6,228 Hits
13.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Hears From The SBA
By Mel Febrikant At a recent meeting of the vibrant Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club, President Sophie Stone welcomed Bergen Community College teacher Caitlin O Croinin and Bergen County Small Business Development Center Assistant Regional Director Vincent Vicari. They addressed the club giving the Rotary members insight to the help that ...
by Sophie on 11/24 01:30AM - Story - 3,448 Hits
14.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Donates Two Thousand Four Hundred Dollars To Local Organizations
By Mel Fabrikant At a recent meeting, Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club donated $2,400 to three local organizations. The funds for these donations came from the support of patrons at the Annual Fashion Show. Immediate Past President Joe Castelano supported by President Sophie Stone not only gave money to the Paramus ...
by Sophie on 10/31 09:30PM - Story - 4,560 Hits
15.District Governor Makes Official Visit To Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
By Mel Fabrikant As per schedule, Rotary District 7490 Governor Lenny Agrusti made his official visit to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. While this is a requirement of Rotary International, DG Agrusti has approached his visits with gusto. Accompanied by District Secretary Carl Hassett, this dynamic duo descended the stairs ...
by Sophie on 10/31 09:28PM - Story - 3,207 Hits
16.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Attends A Pool Party
By Mel Fabrikant Seeking a warm Sunday in August, the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club held a pool party at one of its members' homes. The weather listened and the Rotarians and their families had a terrific time. Not only did they swim, but the food that the members brought presented ...
by Sophie on 08/27 09:19PM - Story - 2,804 Hits
17.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Celebrates Xmas In July With SHARE Seniors
By Mel Fabrikant Xmas in July Always on the alert to help, Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club decided to continue their Service to the Community. Last year, the club visited SHARE, Inc's Prospect Place in Ridgewood. and prepared meals for the residents. This year, President Sophie Stone decided to call it ...
by Sophie on 07/28 10:38AM - Story - 2,012 Hits
18.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Inducts A New Member
By Mel Fabrikant Meeting 07-23-13 Honorary Member A. Tina Apprich has been inducted as a regular member of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. A valued member of the club, she will now be able to hold office and attend the Board of Director meetings in her capacity of Assistant Secretary. ...
by Sophie on 07/26 12:06PM - Story - 1,978 Hits
19.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Welcomes Its 6th President; Sophie Stone
By Mel Fabrikant Friday, June 28, 2013 Regally dressed in clothes native to her original home of Burma/Myanmar, Sophie Stone was installed as the sixth President of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. Past Rotary International Director Ray Wells did the honors and was belatedly honored by the club for his ...
by Sophie on 06/28 10:46PM - Story - 2,285 Hits
20.Interested in Joining the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Download the application form here.
Membership in the dynamic Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club is available by downloading this application form here. Fill out the form and send it to our Membership Chair, Mel Fabrikant with $250.00 check (payable to Paramus Sunrise Rotary) This covers the annual dues of $210.00 plus a onetime $40.00 Installation ...
by Sophie on 06/26 12:43AM - Story - 1,940 Hits
21.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Hails The Rotary Clock
By Mel Fabrikant Tuesday, June 25, 2013 When Mayor Rich LaBarbiera decided that a clock would add to the Paramus persona, he turned to Paramus Sunrise Rotarian Mukesh Malkan. Rotarian Malkan set about raising the money needed and the planning required. It started out at needing $25,000.00 but changed. The ...
by Sophie on 06/26 12:02AM - Story - 2,278 Hits
22.Mephibosheth In Ghana Is Introduced To Paramus Sunrise Rotary
By Mel Fabrikant Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Mephibosheth In Ghana Through the efforts and benefice of Paramus Sunrise Honorary Member Tina Apprich, Andrea Linder Appiah , co-director of Mephibosheth Training Centre in Apam, Ghana explained her mission to members of Paramus Sunrise Rotary. She operates a school along with her ...
by Sophie on 06/26 12:01AM - Story - 2,625 Hits
23.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Fashion Show A Big Social And Financial Success
By Mel Fabrikant Saturday, June 08, 2013 It was worth all the effort said Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club President Joe Castelano. After months of planning, soliciting and procuring, the club held its 5th Annual Fashion Show at The Fiesta on Thursday, June 6th. The proceeds from this charity event will ...
by Sophie on 06/09 01:50AM - Story - 2,509 Hits
24.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Has A Successful International India Dinner
By Mel Fabrikant, Saturday, May 25, 2013 Paramus Sunrise Rotary, a Tuesday morning club, holds evening functions every so often. Among them are Cocktail Hours, Fireside Chats and International Dinners. The latter takes place at various restaurants giving the members a chance to taste the different ethnic foods. In the ...
by Sophie on 05/25 10:01PM - Story - 2,549 Hits
25.DiveHeart, The Name Says It All
DiveHeart, The Name Says It All By Mel Fabrikant DiveHeart At a recent Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club meeting, June Stahl gave a presentation about Diveheart. Diveheart is an underwater organization that specializes in inspiring individuals with disabilities to explore new opportunities by building confidence and independence through adaptive measures of ...
by Sophie on 04/29 01:22AM - Story - 2,507 Hits
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