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1.First Family Of Paramus Hosts Their First Family From Burma For Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
[slideshow:209]When Mayor Rich LaBarbiera and Mary Ann, his wife, learned of the need for a host family for the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Gift of Life child, they immediately volunteered. As MaryAnn said " I have three sons and now I have a chance to have a daughter, if only ...
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2.Paramus Sunrise Rotary, The Little Club with A Big Heart, Donates $500.00 To CAFS
Children's Aid And Family Services was the recipient of a $500.00 check from the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. A small club, Paramus Sunrise Rotary is known as 'The little club with a big heart!'. Not only have they donated monies to this charity, but have also dedicated funds to organizations ...
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3.Paramus Sunrise Rotary and Four Others Take Part in the Paramus 4th Parade
Paramus July 4th Parade 2012- Paramus Sunrise Rotary participated in its first Paramus 4th of July Parade. They did so utilizing their members and their occupations and urged the public to JOIN ROTARY utilizing the Rotary District 7490 sign trailer. Members Deborah Mattes (Westfield Garden State Plaza ) and Bassam ...
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4.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Dines At St. John The Theologian 42nd Greek Festival
When Paramus Sunrise Rotary learned the date of this year's 'A Taste Of Greece' Festival at St. John The Theologian in Tenafly, the club decided to have their monthly International Dinner there. The club visits ethnic food places to celebrate the internationality of Rotary. Of course the fact the Father ...
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5.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Celebrates Their Fourth Year Of Having Flowers At The Bandshell
Flower Boxes at Bendshell In their charter year, the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club donated three flowerboxes to the Paramus Bandshell behind the Library. This was done to enhance the Bandshell built some twenty-five years earlier by the Paramus Rotary Club and refurbished by the Paramus Cultural Council. It seems that ...
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6.7490 Paramus Sunrise Rotary Is Full Of Action
Still recovering from the hectic Fashion Show endeavor, Paramus Sunrise Rotary brought in one new member, Deb Mattes of the Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center and had two more members waiting to be inducted. Past Rotary International Director (PRID) Ray Wells inducted the Senior General Manager of the Westfield ...
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7.Rotary Charity Fashion Show A Combined Effort Success At Bergen Community College
Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club partnered with the Bergen Community College Rotary Club to produce the 4th Sunrise Fashion Show. It required a tremendous effort on both clubs to cohere the two groups and make the charity fundraiser a success. As stated by Rotarians Mukesh Malkan and Sherry Wilson, one club ...
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8.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Celebrates Japanese International Dinner At Matsu
As is the custom of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club, they hold an International Dinner almost every month. This month, Matsu of Hillsdale was selected as the dining choice; it was a good one! If you have ever walked out of a restaurant and exclaimed that everything was delicious, then ...
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9.Bergen Town Center General Manager Inducted Into Rotary By District 7490 Governor
Bassam Mhich, General Manager of the Bergen Town Center was inducted into Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club by 7490 District Governor Emil Geering. At the request of the Sunrise Club, District Governor made a special effort to be on hand to bring in the District's newest member. As always Emil did ...
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10.Past Paramus Sunrise Rotary President Liz Mason Donates $4500 To Charities and Organizations
Paramus Sunrise Rotary Each Immediate Past President of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club has the option of donating funds to organizations and charities of his or her choice. Liz Mason selected both local and global charities. The monies come from the fundraising efforts of the club under that president's term. ...
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11.Wendy Worden of Calypso Creative Wows Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
Meeting 1-31-12 Have you ever encountered a beautiful soft spoken woman who exudes confidence? That is Wendy Worden who recently founded Calypso Creative for developing strategic planning for non-profits. Prior to that she was a PR and development person for a Paramus School. After achieving success there, she struck out ...
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12.Harold's NY Deli Is The Scene Of Paramus Sunrise Jewish International Dinner
Harold's NY Deli in Lyndhurst The Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club has been holding International Dinners since its inception. Each dinner goes along with a theme. In the past, there have been Indian, Dominican Republic, England and Italian among others. This dinner theme was Jewish and Harold's NY Deli in Lyndhurst ...
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13.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Adds Two New Members To Its Growing Club
Two New Members At a recent meeting, Paramus Rotary added Bob Doyle and Bob Sherwood to its group. Past District Governor Joe Dino was on hand to address the members about gaining new members. It was fortuitous that both Bobs were there and that PDG Dino inducted them into our ...
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14.Paramus Sunrise Rotary's First Meeting Of The Year
With no speaker scheduled, President Gary Spivak held an informal meeting also known as a Roundtable. Although attendance was low, there were three visitors including a visiting Rotarian from the Allendale Saddle River Club and two guests. It was fortuitous that Bob Traitz chose to do a makeup with us ...
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15.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Holiday Party At Boomerangs
Boomerangs The Rotarians came to Boomerangs unaware of the food and management. They left sated and full of camaraderie. They had met Daryl and Gina, management. Once the food had arrived, family style, oohs and aahs were heard as the food was tasted. The Caribbean and Soul food treatment was ...
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16.Dr. James Cole Shows Polio Plus Progress To Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
Polio Plus, Rotary International’s main project, was the subject of a presentation by Dr. James R. Cole, a member of the Englewood Rotary Club and District 7490 Chair of the Polio Plus Foundation. One might say it is a thankless job travelling from club to club and explaining the need ...
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17.Borough Administrator Joe D’Arco Speaks To Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
The Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club, meeting at Doctors Express, heard from the Paramus Borough Administer about the problems he faced during a financial decline. 1t wasn't easy to take over the administrative duties and attempt to bring the Borough into fiscal needs during a burgeoning recession. Much of his achievements ...
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18.Author Jeanne Buesser Explains Apraxia To The Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club
Apraxia sounds familiar to some and is completely alien to others. Having two sons with Apraxia, local resident Jeanne Buesser delved into the subject and, as a result has written a book on the subject. He Talks Funny, available from , was written for eight to 12 year old ...
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19.Last Minute Speaker Cancellation Doesn’t Faze Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club President
Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club President Gary Spivak was informed at the last minute that the scheduled speaker had a conflict and had to cancel. Quick to react, he asked for member bios instead. ‘Legal Beagle’ Tom Wells jumped in as acting moderator and asked poignant questions as several of the ...
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20.Paramus Sunrise Rotary Chats With Dr. Jose Adames, Interim President of Bergen Community College
Dr. Jose Adames Extending his agenda of collegiality, Dr. Jose Adames, Interim President of Bergen Community College, sat among the members of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club and discused the many oportunities BCC offered. The future of the college under his direction is to not only expand, but to develop ...
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21.Re: Gary
Gary is our speaker this coming week and is also the club rep for the upcoming Rotaract Canoe Trip on Sunday,, May 31st. See Gary about the rates and applications.Support Rotaract!
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I was over at Aquatic Rehab this morning when a chap in a bathing suit came down the steps to the pool. Grinning at me, :) he realized that I didn't recognize him :? .. it was Hasmukh Khatri. B) I was thrilled to see a fellow Rotarian, especially at ...
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As you may be aware, Gary has returned home from Valley Hospital and is doing well. Although he is under doctor's orders to take it easy, he plans on attending our meeting this coming Tuesday. i guess he wants to maintain his 100% attendance. Not to be stopped, he has ...
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24.Drew Horn
I was quite thrilled a few weeks ago when Drew Horn telephoned to thank me for the wonderful writeup given him in He mentioned that he enjoyed our group more than we enjoyed him, a statement that I was quick to deny. One thing was true, he recognized the ...
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25.Re: This is a test
Are we testing for a private discussion sector?
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