Paramus Sunrise Rotary Learns About Bergen County Senior Services

By Mel Fabrikant Thursday, October 04, 2012
Lorraine Joewono, Director of the Bergen County Division of Human Services, informed the members of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club about the services offered by her department. It was vital information to the Rotary members since almost everyone has contact with senior citizens. There were several members who immediately qualified for help from Joewono's department. Located at One Bergen County Plaza, 2nd Floor in Hackensack, Ms Joewono welcomes phone calls or personal visits to her office from people seeking information. Read More.........

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Meets Dr. Catherine Perry, DD.

By mel fabrikant
You have the power to heal any part of your life! Your mind is unlimited, and therefore you are unlimited.
You CAN manifest happiness, a healthy body, joyful relationships, financial prosperity, and enthusiasm for life.
I am a master change agent with potent healing ability. I help people to create miracles in their lives and to achieve peak performance. NOW is the time to know who you are and what you are capable of. All is possible. Your wishes will come true.
With Love, Dr. Catherine
Thus begins the introduction to Dr. Catherine Perry's website

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Myanmar-Burma Life Described to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club

By mel fabrikant 07/18/12
The Reverend Dr. Samuel M. Stone spoke to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club about his recent trip to Myanmar, also known as Burma. Aided by a PowerPoint program, he described the customs and habitats. Native to Burma, he was able to describe the change in culture now that Myanmar has released its stringent rules. Along with the release of politician and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi many restrictions have been lifted.

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Paramus Sunrise Rotary and Four Others Take Part in the Paramus 4th Parade

Paramus July 4th Parade 2012- Paramus Sunrise Rotary participated in its first Paramus 4th of July Parade. They did so utilizing their members and their occupations and urged the public to JOIN ROTARY utilizing the Rotary District 7490 sign trailer. Members Deborah Mattes (Westfield Garden State Plaza ) and Bassam Mhich (Bergen Town Center) generously offered their pickup vehicles to assist the 4 year old club in their initial endeavor. Deb pulled the sign trailer and Bassam drove a vehicle which had a trailer painted with the logos of the participating groups; Paramus Sunrise Rotary, and Doctors Express. Read More.......

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Dines At St. John The Theologian 42nd Greek Festival

When Paramus Sunrise Rotary learned the date of this year's 'A Taste Of Greece' Festival at St. John The Theologian in Tenafly, the club decided to have their monthly International Dinner there. The club visits ethnic food places to celebrate the internationality of Rotary. Of course the fact the Father Peter Lekkas is a member of their Rotary Club helped to make that decision. The Rotarians and their guests were well satisfied and left with sated stomachs and delicious desserts! Read More......

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Celebrates Their Fourth Year Of Having Flowers At The Bandshell

Flower Boxes at Bendshell In their charter year, the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club donated three flowerboxes to the Paramus Bandshell behind the Library. This was done to enhance the Bandshell built some twenty-five years earlier by the Paramus Rotary Club and refurbished by the Paramus Cultural Council. It seems that the ground by the stage would be too damp to sustain plants. They have been a source of beauty to the ever popular stage shows that the Cultural Council has offered during the summer. Read More.................

7490 Paramus Sunrise Rotary Is Full Of Action

Still recovering from the hectic Fashion Show endeavor, Paramus Sunrise Rotary brought in one new member, Deb Mattes of the Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center and had two more members waiting to be inducted. Past Rotary International Director (PRID) Ray Wells inducted the Senior General Manager of the Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center and promised to come back and induct two more members in a week or so. Deb Mattes joins Bassam Mhich, General Manager of The Bergen Town Center as a member of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. Read More..........

Rotary Charity Fashion Show A Combined Effort Success At Bergen Community College

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club partnered with the Bergen Community College Rotary Club to produce the 4th Sunrise Fashion Show. It required a tremendous effort on both clubs to cohere the two groups and make the charity fundraiser a success. As stated by Rotarians Mukesh Malkan and Sherry Wilson, one club supplied the power and the other club supplied the manpower. The joint effort produced a tremendous fashion show and great food. Read More..........

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