Our Club number 79733

In contacting Rotary International, there are times that they want to know your club number. I asked PDG Joe Laureni and he quickly replied, it is


Make a note of this in case you need it in the future!

Update on Baby Lixier

by Peter J. Kikot

Fellow Rotarians, as promised here is the update on baby Lixier.

The surgery was completed on Tuesday evening and the child has been in the hospital since. There is still no way of knowing what success if any, other than saving his life, the surgery has had. They suspect some brain damage but cannot say yet.

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I see a Rotarian in Hawthorne

I had a luncheon appointment with a friend of mine at Kirker's in Hawthorne. Being early, I noticed that the restaurant next door, Stephen's Chalet appeared to be new. Looking for a window menu, the door opened up and a pretty woman popped out and said "I see a Rotarian, Hawthorne Rotary is meeting here and we are having a DG visit." It was my friend PDG Gloria Counsellor.

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Rotarians are active in Paramus

We would like to show you how active Rotary Clubs and Rotarians are in Paramus. By culling some pictures from the 4th of July Parade, we were able to show Rotarians from both the noon club and the Sunrise Club.

This year, the Paramus Rotary Club manned a float and a banner. Some of their members were involved in other organizations in the march. Marty Diamond was promoting the new miniature golf course, Tom Ciaiffi was marching with the Catholic war vets. Len Goldblatt was driving his white vintage convertible for the Republican Club, Karl Krause, the Candyman, drove his old but polished station wagon.

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To all our many American friends in Rotary, A very happy Independence day!

And also : ...

May be you know some French and would like to improve it ?
Like well over 170 Rotarians world-wide, you could receive by email our monthly bulletin (in French).
Not only would it help you to understand French better, but you could see what life is like in a small club
in rural France (26 members).
Subscription is of course free and you can cancel it whenever you like just by sending me a message at rotachat-bounces@taranto.com.
We are aiming at at least 200 subscribers or more before the end of the current Rotary year.
Hoping to hear from you.
Joël Bagage, PP, MPHF (3 S)
Commitment to service award 2005
ROTI mentor zones 15 and 34
Bulletin editor and Internet officer
RC Arbois-Poligny-
D 1680, Alsace and Franche-Comté,

District Governor Banner Exchange – Paramus Sunrise officially chartered

Two members of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club attended the District Governor Banner Exchange at Biagio's on Friday, June 27th, 2008. There, they learned that our club was officially chartered on June 27th, 2008. District Governor Joe Laureni gave hi s last official speech and was inducted into the College of Governors by PRID Ray Wells and PDG Joe Dino. Dominic Jengo was installed as the 52nd Governor of District 7490.

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