Paramus Sunrise Rotary and Meals on Wheels

Paramus Sunrise 02/10/09 Temporarily shelving plans for the big fundraiser, President Anthony Iacono ceded the floor to Kevin Behnke from the Paramus Rotary Club. Kevin, their Community Service Director, touched base with our Community Service Director, Police Chief Rick Cary. He sought volunteers to help with the meals On Wheels Program and got two volunteers: Anthony Iacono and Mukesh Malkan.

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Paramus Sunrise Rotary, Plan A, B or C

Paramus Sunrise 02/03 President Anthony Iacono presented the club with a dilemma prior to having our speakers from Advantage Aquatic Wellness Center. Rotarian Hemish Kapedia came up with the paperwork needed for a Casino Night while Valerie Coniglio and Caryl Bixon-Gordon are working on another fundraiser, a Fashion Show. Decision to be made at the next meeting: Plan A, Plan B or Plan C? stay tuned!

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Paramus Sunrise Shifts Gears

Reacting to paperwork problems regarding their Casino Night, President Anthony Iacono held a business meeting to discuss plans. Valerie Coniglio and Caryl Bixon-Gordon favored a Fashion Show featuring prominent Bergen County people. They volunteered to work on the committee and are setting a goal of April 24th, a Friday. In addition, it was decided to meet Rotary's officer Installation requirements by having a dinner party on June 11th, a Thursday. Details to follow.

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Bill Gates announces new US$255 million grant for ending polio

By Arnold R. Grahl and Dan Nixon
Rotary International News -- 21 January 2009

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded US$255 million to Rotary International in the global effort to eradicate polio, bringing the total committed by Rotary and the Gates Foundation to $555 million.

Shortly after meeting with incoming district governors from the four countries where the wild poliovirus is endemic -- Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan -- Bill Gates announced the new grant on Wednesday morning at the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA.

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Theme for 2009-2010

RI President-elect John Kenny unveiled the theme, The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands, on Monday during the opening plenary session of the International Assembly , an annual training event in San Diego, California, USA, for incoming district governors.
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Paramus Sunrise Rotary Huddles Over Paper Work for Casino Night

Before going to Plan B, Paramus Sunrise Rotary is trying to get paper work settled and approved for their Casino Night, Friday 13th in March. President Anthony Iacono is investigating all possible avenues to make this major fundraiser a reality.

Paramus Rotarian Emil Geering has been volunteering to induct our new members. This Tuesday, he inducted two new members, Jim Lede and Donna Kennedy. To his surprise, President Anthony asked him to remain at the dais where Geering was pinned as a Charter Honorary Member. Voted on over a month ago, the club has been waiting to surprise Emil. He was surprised and honored. We also applauded Emil Geering for his recent appointment as District Governor Nominee.

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It is not for the money,
It is not for the fame,
It is not for any personal gain,
It is just for the love of fellow man It is just to lend a helping hand,
It is just to give a little of self,
It is to do something you can't buy with wealth,
It is not medals worn with pride,
It is for the feeling deep inside,
It is the reward down in your heart,
It is the feeling you've been part of helping others far and near,

That makes you a Rotarian!  These days I am retired and am active in the Rotary Club of Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast and still enjoy the great sense of pleasure and eward I personally get from my Rotary Involvement.

Garry Krischock Rotary Club of Runaway Bay Queensland, Australia.
from District 9910, Jan 2009 Newsletter

GOL Mission Update/Celebration Dinner

Andy Topp is memoralizing the Vietnam Mission sending e mails to many of us updating this tremendous event. According to Andy the medical personnel and the GOL volunteers ( Andy Topp, Joe Laureni, Ray Hough and Pat LaRocco) are working virtually around the clock to save the lives of dozens of Vietnamese children. Andy made a point of thanking everyone who contributed towards the mission and I echo those sentiments.

Please join us on February 13th at The Venetian in Garfield at 6:30 to thank these volunteers for all they do for Rotary and for saving lives of children around the world. In addition, we will be congratulating each other for all that we do to make lives better for so many. We also have the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with our loved ones. There will be great food, an open bar, short speeches, dancing and a surprise. All this for only $80 per person.

We have heard from only a few clubs thus far so please send in your registration form as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Paul A. Platek, GOL Foundation Chair

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club In Huddle Over Casino Night, Friday, March 13th

Paramus Sunrise 01/13 President Anthony Iacono admonished the club members saying that while Casino Night, the club's first fundraiser, seemed far way, it wasn't. Using his administrative skills, he guided the club in the preparations to make Friday, March 13, 2009, a rousing success.

He called upon members John DeBouter, Valerie Coniglio, Tom Wells, Mukesh Malkan and Kelly Leitch for their expertise and assistance. In the plans are food, prizes, Tricky Tray, 50/50's and more.

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JANUARY 11 2009
Please click on the NEW JANUARY 11 2009 issue.

Dear Rotary Colleagues:

Another year has begun and there seems to be an atmosphere of gloom and despondency everywhere. Rotary’s programs and services are needed more than ever as we face this worldwide financial crisis.

In this issue, RI Secretary Ed Futa gives us the latest news update on the economic impact on The Foundation. RI/TRF is taking all possible steps to ensure that Rotary remains financially strong in this difficult economic environment. Even in times of economic recession, Rotary leaders continue to encourage increased givi ng to our Foundation and there are some useful tips for all of us on pages 5-8.

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