Paramus Sunrise Rotary Installs Two New Members Despite Loss of Equipment

Early comers to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary meeting looked in amazement. Gone were the long tables, gone were the chairs and gone was the filing cabinet containing all the gear. This was quickly rectified as Bruce came in, set up round tables and rolled in several stacks of chairs. The meeting was ready to take place.

It seems that the classrooms were used for Xmas parties and thus the rooms were cleared as well as the storage area. A frenzied search did not reveal the location of our gear until after the meeting when newly installed member John DeBouter did a search.

Not to be discouraged, the 'Loosey Goosey Club' conducted business as usual. President Anthony Iacono quickly adapted to the new set up and asked Paramus Rotary member Emil Geering to install two new members into our club. Emil, as usual, did a terrific job installing John DeBouter and Caryl Bixon-Gordon as new members with Buzz Dressel, their sponsor, looking on. Next week, they will be presented with their Rotary pins.

Emil quipped that for more members he could do a 20 minute installation. President Iacono said he will take him up on that.

District Governor Dominic Jengo came by to visit with us, always a welcome guest as is PDG Joe Laureni who came in towards the end of the meeting. Another frequent visitor is Lois Horowitz. Both she and Jengo promoted the sale of the new District 7490 Cookbook selling for $25.00 each, but counted as a charitable donation.

The book was conceived as a fundraiser to help promote the many charitable endeavors of Rotary District 7490. It incorporates recipes from all over the world while giving the book's owner a chance to see the projects that are and have been undertaken.

Under Appetizers & Soups, one finds Quick No-Cook Paté, Cheese Log, and Honduran Bean Soup, just to name a few. Some of the beverages are: Hot Mulled Cider, Hot Tea and Punch. Main dishes include Arroz con Pollo. Baked Stuffed Chicken and Gloria's Italian "Giambotta" Dinner. There is a section for Sides, Salads & Sauces as well as Breakfast offerings like Baked Apple French Toast, Breakfast Casserole and Morning Glory Muffins.

Now if you want some scrumptious desserts, you'll have o purchase the book! If you want some good food served to you, be prepared to come to the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Casino Night in 2009 on Friday the 13th in March!

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