Drew Horn Hugs Paramus Sunrise Rotary

Liz Mason, our VP and Program Director gave us a change of pace this week – Drew Horn! Drew, dressed in floppy clown type attire hugged everyone in the room and had them all smiling. He put a smile catcher in the form of a yellow hula hoop in front of their faces and kept it there until a satisfactory smile emerged.

This interactive speaker used his charm to beguile the audience while putting forth a serious message. Loneliness was something he encountered when visiting nursing and assisted living homes. He urged us to combat that by adopting somebody at one of these facilities and try to take away their loneliness, visiting as often as possible.

One of his ploys was to dress in Orthodox Jewish dress ( he is Jewish ) and to explain that Oy rhymed with Joy and Toy. Bedecked with a jacket covered with name pins and sayings, yellow Smileys are seen all over his clothing including a tie and the back of his pants.

Drew started TAFA, "Turn A Frown Around" after experiencing many personal downturns. He realized that nursing home residents and mental health patients look at the entrance door of their facility hoping that someone came to visit them. That started him off on one of the most enthralling vistas he has experienced. He hopes to establish Smile Stations where its members will make visits to these forlorn people.

You may reach Drew Horn at 973 746 7363, cell 973 573 4776. http://frowntosmile.org/about.htm or see him at http://youtube.comwatch?v=dvnRiYCeixm
OR contact Laurie Pepe lauriep@careplus,nj.org

The award for the most distant travelled went to our president, Anthony Iacono, who took a redeye flight from California to be at the meeting on time.

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