Dr. Bob Jones of the CAFS Explains its Intricacies to Paramus Sunrise Rotary

Speaking before the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club, the head of Children's Aid & Family Services, Bob Jones, Ph. D., gave his audience insight into some of the problems that his organization has to overcome.

For example, one would think that a child waiting to be adopted would savor the possibility. But no, there are times when these pre-teens have inner feelings of abuse and mistrust. In many cases, these children and adolescents are placed in one of the five group homes that CAFS operates.There they are helped to heal from these traumatic wounds and prepared emotionally to venture out of the cloistered atmosphere and into the commitment of living with a new family.

Moving into much needed larger quarters at 200 Robin Road, Paramus involved overcoming means to validate such a move. Jones explained that they have an Early Learning Center that even the public enjoys. The larger building created a need for more Volunteers, Foster Families Care and Mentors.

Some of the areas that need assistance are: Baby Basics Program, Job Mentors, Life Skills Workshop and Elder Care. If you would like to help contact Cyndy Mitchell, Volunteer & Community Relations Manager at 201 261 2800 x 222. She will be happy to explain theses programs and needs.

In the absence of President Anthony Iacono, President Mukesh Malkan presided. Due to the low turnout. Malkan delayed the Board of Directors meeting until next week, it's third postponement.

A report on the new Rotaract Club that Paramus Sunrise is co-sponsoring, was given by Mel Fabrikant. The next Rotaract meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 3rd, 6:30 PM at the Berkeley College Paramus Campus. Rotaract, a recognized part of Rotary International, is designed for young adults from 18 to 30 years of age. Its requirements are less stringent, both in attendance and financially/.

As is now tradition, the candle was lit at the beginning of the meeting, this time by our speaker, Bob Jones, a member of the Ridgewood AM Rotary Club and extinguished by the last member present to arrive. In this case, it was Past District Governor Joe Laureni.