Paramus Sunrise Savors an India Feast

Several members of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club suggested that the club taste the exotic foods of India, their native country. Mukesh Malkan & Dr. Mayank Gadhia headed a committee to make this possible. It was held at the Taj Palace in Teaneck, in a private room decorated with native objects.

Many natives of India in our Rotary Club, celebrating their heritage, came dressed in the costume of their country. President Anthony Iacono took the challenge and donned a costume as well. The rest of the 30 attendees did not need costumes to enjoy the food and camaraderie. The Rotary District Governor, Dominic Jengo, was in the public portion of the Taj Palace restaurant along with his home club, Maywood. He dubbed us the noisy club; we described his get together as a morgue compared to the frolicking we were doing.

Bernie Wilker, President of the Paramus Rotary Club (noon) and Simone, his wife, attended and had a terrific time. as did Lois & erry Horowitz of Paramus Rotary. Sunrise member Patricia (Pat) Whitney was twitted about her poor sense of direction when she walked in. Her quick rejoinder " I live in Teaneck and know the town well.". A good sport!

The service at the Taj Palace was impeccable; the food delectable! Mayank and Mukesh made sure that everything went well. They instructed the Taj Palace chef not to make the food spicy. In addition, both supervised the buffet line and explained to each person the type of food and which were spicy. Mayank pointed to a dish and told me it was hot. Being accustomed to hot foods, I took a hefty portion. IT WAS HOT! Gary Spivak's wife, Bea, said she was used to hot foods so I got her a plate of it. She did not finish the contents of the dish, it was that hot!

The food was strange to some of us, but a pleasure to taste. Four different types of bread were proffered at each table. Curry, chicken and lamb were among the buffet items. Two native desserts were served after the meal, once again … delicious. Kelly Leitch, a member who works a long shift, came in near to the end and as Dr. Michael Yeun and I were leaving, among the last, District Governor Elect, Bhatia 'Raj' Suraj, came in to join Kelly, Mayank and Mukesh who were finally sitting down to eat.

Dr. Gadhia and Mukesh were the consummate hosts. They have started a trend for Paramus Sunrise Rotary club to have other native country feasts.

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