Paramus Sunrise Rotary Lights Up

Following through on their new tradition, President Anthony Iacono asked Sgt. at Arms Valerie Coniglio to light the Remembrance Candle This week's remembrance was dedicated to new Membership, the life blood of any organization. The candle burns throughout the meeting. Each week, there will be a different Remembrance.

Vice President Liz Mason scheduled Kelly Leitch to give a new member bio. Her talk was intriguing. Kelly is a Trauma Nurse and tends to victims of accidents and bad health.

 She is a Patient Advocate and helps them and their near and dear ones to face impending disaster, that final breath. She explained that as long as she doesn't get personally involved with the patient, her decisions are based on fact and reality.

Kelly has lived in many different countries on both sides of the ocean. When asked what prompted her settling down in Paramus, she was quick to answer "Taxes!".

I went on a walk later on with Kelly over at Van Saun Park and it was a pleasure to chat with her. It was also a pleasure to have my own personal nurse with me since I am a week shy of 3 months post op on major surgery. Kelly took it easy on me .. walking slowly and we did two laps around the duck pond, a distance of about a mile and a half. We found that we have a mutual interest in cooking . we each do different styles. Due to her erratic hours, I have to wait for her next call, but am looking forward to our next walk.

At the meeting we discussed our upcoming International Indian Dinner at the Taj Palace a week from this Thursday night. Tickets are still available although we do have a large presence already.

Casino Night in March on Friday the 13th was also under discussion with visiting Rotarian Lloyd Astmann (Paramus Rotary) offering some sagacious advice. He did suggest a wine tasting party and a way to go International by picking clubs from the RI Directory at random.

PRID Ray Wells offered suggestions as well. Ray informed us that the Oradell-Emerson Rotary Club was having a Motorcycle Show and Flea Market on Sunday, October 19th (rain date Nov. 2nd) at the Burns & Roe Building parking lot from 10 AM TO 4 pm.

Paramus Sunrise Rotary is considering a Holiday Party, perhaps on Thursday, December 11th. Mario Sicari, the last Rotarian to arrive was selected by Iacono to blow out the Remembrance Candle.

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