Paramus Sunrise Rotary welcomes the District Governor

District Governor Dominic Jengo scheduled October 7th as his official visit to the Paramus Sunrise Club. At this type of meeting, the DG and his staff arrive a half hour earlier than the scheduled meeting and meets with the officers and members of the Board of Directors. He then visits with all the members of the club and chats with them about the aims of the District. He stressed Polio Eradication and the need for new members.Introduced by Assistant Governor Lee Rickenberg, Jengo performed one of the pleasurable acts of being a DG, he installed Nripen Barua as a new member of Paramus Sunrise. Nripen's sponsor, Sushil Kapedia, proudly put the Rotary pin on his candidate. Using a novel approach, Dominic had a five holder candelabra. The top one, as he lit it, was for the motto of Rotary: Service Above Self. The other four were lit according to the 4Way Test, a test that Rotarians try to follow and uphold.

During his chat, District Secretary Maryalice Foster passed out Rotary pins with DK Lee, the Rotary International president's, motto 'Make Dreams Real' plus a signup sheet to get members involved in the Rotary Foundation, a worthy cause.

Our Visitor's sheet was packed with names like Jim Tedesco (that's right, our Mayor and an Honorary Member), Ray Wells and Kevin Behnke of the Paramus Club, Flo Pappas and Pattie Smith from Boro Hall, John Mosca (he helped bring the club to fruition) and Joe Laureni who was the District Governor when our club was chartered.

President Anthony Iacono introduced a new tradition. A Candle of Rembrance. This candle will be lit at every meeting to serve as a reminder of the goals that Paramus Sunrise Rotary is seeking.