2008 NJ State Vocational Assembly

Monday, October 6, 2008 was the date set for the multi District assembly at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany. Sponsored by Districts 7470, 7490, 7500, 7510 and 7640 about 500 people attended. Addressing a full house were Sheri S. McCoy,of Johnson & Johnson who was introduced by our DG Dominic Jengo and Mary French, Founder & Director of the Dictionary Project.

After the afternoon session, the group had a little R & R before entering the Grand Ballroom to dine. Governor Richard J. Codey was the principal speaker and after offering some lighthearted chatter to soften the audience,, he plunged ahead with remarks about the dire financial position the State of New Jersey will be facing.

One of the sidelights that I found interesting was his remark about newspapers being poised to seek out the lurid side of the news. He evidently hasn't accessed www.ParamusPost.com where family values and items of general interest are the norm. Codey cited as an example that upon disclosing his income as required by law, not one paper picked up on the fact that he and his family donate speaking fees to Mental Health. Governor Codey, it is mentioned here and you deserve the round of applause given to you by the Rotarians in the audience!

On the schedule was Presentation of Vocational Service Awards. District 7490, represented by Raj Bhatia, honored Kenneth Schwinn of the Englewood Rotary Club.

Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club had 4 members present: President Anthony Iacono and members Kelly Leitch, Irene Maury and Mel Fabrikant.

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