Update on Baby Lixier

by Peter J. Kikot

Fellow Rotarians, as promised here is the update on baby Lixier.

The surgery was completed on Tuesday evening and the child has been in the hospital since. There is still no way of knowing what success if any, other than saving his life, the surgery has had. They suspect some brain damage but cannot say yet.

We can only keep him in our thoughts and prayers while he recovers. I have attached a photo taken by Andy immediately after his surgery as he recovered in PICU. He has a tough battle ahead of him. As I mentioned previously the surgeon said that this is the second worse case that he has seen in his career. His recovery is estimated to take at least a month before he can be given the ok to return home so we will need your continued support.

Lixier should be released by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Immediately we could use some cash to give to mom for incidentals and personal items. Additionally, a shopping trip for some clothing for mom would also be greatly appreciated as she came with just one skirt, zipper broken, and one other change of clothes.

The host, Karla Cino could also use some donations of meals or just groceries while the family is staying with her. Apparently mom has an incredible appetite and is eating Karla out of house and home.

They will also need trips to the doctor’s offices for check ups every now and then so if you can tell me that you are available I will be sure to let you know when they are scheduled to see if you can help out.

Finally some time out of the house for the mom and baby once he is ok to venture outside. Please consider a night in for the next little while and then a night out with mom and Lixier. They are going to be here for the month at the very least and any social time that we can give to them will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry one more thing, we are short some funds for their visa, travel to Port Au Prince and their flight. So any donation to <a href="www.ihaf.us">www.ihaf.us</a> would be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to consider a small donation to help to offset the cost associated with the aid for this family.

Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves,
Peter J. Kikot
Logistics Coordinator

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