I see a Rotarian in Hawthorne

I had a luncheon appointment with a friend of mine at Kirker's in Hawthorne. Being early, I noticed that the restaurant next door, Stephen's Chalet appeared to be new. Looking for a window menu, the door opened up and a pretty woman popped out and said "I see a Rotarian, Hawthorne Rotary is meeting here and we are having a DG visit." It was my friend PDG Gloria Counsellor.Gloria thought I was looking to enter the building seeking their new meeting place. I explained that I was having lunch nest door. My friend and I just love the bratwurst sandwich. Gloria suggested that if the lunch was over, that I come on and visit. Sure enough, the lunch was over with enough time for me to attend their meeting. District Governor Dominic Jengo was paying his first DG visit and had with him Raj Batia, DGN, Mary Alice Foster, Dist. Secretary and Bonnie Sirower.

Club President Anthony J. Cali made me welcome as Happy Dollars were being collected. Even though I had just eaten, he cleared a place for me alongside his chair. I gave two Happy Dollars, one for Gloria having alerted me and one because this was the 3rd day in a row that I had seen Dominic. Hawthorne has 12 members but is actively recruiting and expects to increase by 5 members in the near future.

Stephen's Chalet is located at 233-235 Diamond Bridge Avenue and is closed on Mondays. The food was served promptly and quietly on large plates; it had a delicious aroma and I noticed that there was very little left on the finished plates.

In saying my goodbyes, I asked the District Governor where he would be tomorrow so that I wouldn't bump into him for a 4th time in as many days.