Meeting # 5 New name – Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club

After due consideration, the name switch from Paramus Breakfast Club to Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club was made. Our guest speaker was Lauren Zisa, Editor in Chief of the County Seat, a weekly paper mailed to 7 communities. We had an influx of new members this week and will be preparing the papers necessary to obtain a charter from Rotary International.The spirit, the élan, the wonderful vibes coming from the members of our provisional club are terrific. Everyone wants to do something. Mukesh Malkan has been busy bringing in new members and getting ready to order banners. Tom Wells, another experienced Rotarian, felt bereft when his Vermont club folded so he has now joined the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club. First thing Tom did was to offer his services, much needed in the birth of a brand new club. He even got his father, PRID Ray Wells, involved despite the fact that Rotarian Ray is in Florida.

President Anthony Iacono had the foresight to get a speaker. That's how we had Hackensack Rotarian Lauren Zisa visit. She not only described the workings of the County Seat, but gave some insight into Rotary that was welcomed by our members.

Members have even been calling in or e-mailing to apologize for not being able to attend. Rick Cary, our Community Service Director, e-mailed his regrets and gave us an update on our 2 projects: planting flowers at Walter Behnke Senior Housing Complex and the Bandshell. Buzz Dressel, our host at the IBEW :Local 164 Training Center, asked for a large Rotary decal so that he could mark an easier access door to get to Classroom 101.

People have been amazed at the rapid growth of our group and the activities that we are taking on as we are growing and forming. A wonderful group, the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club!