Meeting # 3, Paramus Breakfast Club

The brand new provisional Rotary Club was made welcome by IBEW Local 164 President John M. De Bouter this morning. Despite a heavy schedule today due to a scheduled filming, he had Bruce Pendy set us up with coffee and accoutrements that included a tablecloth, napkins, tea among other items. Business Manager Buzz Dressel was able to stay with us and make good his offer of a check for $1,000.00 to start us off.Mukesh Malkan singlehandedly doubled the amount of attendees by bringing in prospective members. Chris Rosica of Rosica Public Relations came in to look us over. Chris was completely unaware of Rotary and its purpose. Valerie Coniglio surprised us all by volunteering to lead the group in the recital of the 4Way Test. Gary Spivak was busy taking in the money we had assessed ourselves as well as getting the data needed to open up a bank account. We have to deposit that $1,000.00 check!

Val also initiated Happy Dollars which President Anthony Iacono readily approved. Explained to the group, Happy Dollars are offered as donations to the club to celebrate happy occasion. One of our new members was so happy, he donated $20.00. That sure kept Gary busy.

Community Service Director Deputy Chief of Police Richard Cary was expecting to hear from Bill Comery about our flower planting projects. The club has volunteered to plant a flowerbed at the Walter Behnke Senior Housing Complex and the Bandshell behind the Library. Bill was too busy attending to the tree havoc created by the latest storm. Several other community oriented projects are under discussion including a district wide project of cleaning up the Saddle River under the direction of District Community Service Chair Sheryl Adamoff.

Stay tuned to the club that will soon be the latest addition to District 7490. And Gary Spivak e-mailed us to tell us the funds are now in the bank!