The Birth of a New Rotary Club

On Tuesday, February 26, 2008 fourteen people gathered around a table in the Food Court at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center. Their common denominator; a desire to understand and promote the tenets of Rotary. Two of the attendees were District Governor Joe Laureni and Chief of Staff John Mosca. One of them was Rotarian Sam Stone who was there to help document this auspicious occasion for a salute to the flag and the recital of the 4 Way Test, DG Joe spoke to the group explaining as briefly as he could, the wonderful things that Rotary and Rotarians have accomplished and plan to do in the future. CoS John then added to the DG's remarks trying to indoctrinate the people present without too much detail or confusion.

Anthony Iacono was appointed as Provisional President, a daunting task. He was able to get a name for this unit, The Paramus Breakfast Club, and also to look into a Community Service project as suggested by the District Governor. We are looking at the costs involved in a 'hands on' project for obtaining and planting plants at the Walter Behnke Senior Housing Complex.

Wendy Chen from Auntie Anne's Pretzels came to the meeting with pretzels for everybody. At John Mosca's suggestion, each attendee gave a brief summary introducing themselves to the group. The other prospective members were: Mukesh Malkan, Liz Mason, Gary Spivak, Fr. Peter Lekkas, Eileen McDowell, Valerie Coniglio, Judy Boehm and Mel Fabrikant. Connie Wagner, Ed Onorato and Buzz Dressel sent apologies for not being able to attend this week, but have indicated that they will be a part of this Charter Member group.

Meetings will take place each and every Tuesday from 8 to 9 AM. Everyone was urged to bring a friend to the next meeting at the Food Court. A time slot of one month was selected as a goal to reach the 20 members minimum that are needed to obtain a charter. It was exhilarating to receive a call yesterday evening from Paramus noon Rotary Club president, Maryann Siniscalchi wishing us well; thank you Maryann.